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    by  Mr. Nihal C B Perera

With the advent of Peace Sri Lanka is poised to be the “Miracle of Asia”.

With the leadership given by His Excellency President Mahinda Rajapaksa under the “Mahinda Chinthana” the recent Election success will pave the way for Sri Lanka to grow in “Leaps and Bounds”.

With the Rapid Infrastructure Development taking place in Sri Lanka with improvements on the network of Roadways, Ports, Airports, and the excellent growth of the Tourism Sector augurs well for Sri Lankan to emerge as the “Miracle of Asia”.

A stable Government has been established with the President receiving a Mandate given to the UPFA Government, to usher Sri Lanka to prosperity in the future.

The emergence of the Younger Generation, as Members of Parliament will no doubt bring Fresh Inputs, focused on how best the youth can be mobilized with opportunities to make Sri Lanka the “Miracle of Asia”.

Sri Lanka will be the main Hub for “Investment especially Tourism and the Leisure Industry in the Indian Sub Continent and Asia”.

“Tourism growth has already shown a Positive Trend in arrivals from various destinations, and Sri Lanka can today be classed as the “Safest Holiday Destination”, to visit with diverse attractions beyond compare.

The North and East with the vast development taking place spear headed by the Government in Nation Building will no doubt open the doors for the Sri Lankan Diaspora to return to Sri Lanka to the “Motherland” which is open for investment and also a country rich in resource to make Sri Lanka the “Miracle of Asia”.

These observations were made by Nihal Perera, a Former Director Sri Lanka Tourist Board, Past President Travel Agents Association and IATA Agents Association, and Presently Chairman Sparklink Group and a member Board of Management Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority.

The future he said that it is abundantly clear, that under the Leadership of His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, and His Team of Cabinet Ministers together with all others, will certainly make Sri Lanka the “Miracle of Asia”.

The Travel Industry, including the hotel sector and other Travel and Tourism related services, and the economy will grow in Sri Lanka for all Sri Lankans to live in Peace and Harmony and Happiness in the future.